Paul A. McLennon, Sr. Honors Tournament

The 2018 Paul A. McLennon, Sr. Honors Tournament is scheduled to take place at USD from March 24 – March 29. Detailed information regarding registration, important dates, and schedule will be available soon.

The 2017 McLennon tournament took place at the University of San Diego from March 24, 2017 to March 29, 2017. Thank you to all the competitors, coaches, and judges for making the tournament a success.

2017 Overall Results

First Place: Corey DiBene
Second Place: Maurice Bumbu
Third Place: Brandon Lallande
Fourth Place: Donel Lopez

2017 Top Petitioner Briefs
First Place: Julianne Odin
Second Place: Corey DiBene
Third Place: Conor Dale

2017 Top Respondent Briefs
First Place: Janice Tang
Second Place: Marco Lucido
Third Place: Alexandra Happersett

2017 Top Oralist Awards
First Place: Thomas Diamond
Second Place: Corey DiBene
Third Place: Brandon Lallande