Executive Board members are law students in their final year of studies. Selected for their outstanding performance in the intramural tournaments, they act as officers, tournament coordinators, problem writers, and national team members.

2009-2010 Appellate Moot Court

Executive Board

USD School of Law

Ian Schuler

Robert Brady, Jr. and Amaris Mao

Glenn Ayres
Randy Freedman
Ric Fukushima
Jordon Harlan
Derek Hecht
Stella Hernandez
Kristy Hewitt
Christin Lawler
Tricia Lee
Whitney May
Seth McCutcheon
Hazel Pangan
Lindsay Parker
Anna Phillips
Courtney Randall
Elizabeth Renner
Christina Salazar
Joshua Schloesser
Joanna Simon
Joy Utomi
Laura Vogltanz
Kollin Zimmermann

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