Executive Board members are generally law students in their final year of studies. Selected for their outstanding performance in the intramural tournaments, they act as officers, tournament coordinators, problem writers, and national team members.

2015-2016 Appellate Moot Court

Executive Board



Hailey Williams

Vice Chair of Tournaments
Mellania Safarian
Vice Chair of National Teams
Cody Wisniewski
Alumni Torts Tournament
Alumni Problem Writer
Lauren Crosby
Alumni Tournament Coordinators
Tej Singh, Christina Prejean, Keenan O’Connor
National Criminal Procedure Tournament
Criminal Procedure Problem Writer
Keenan O'Connor
Criminal Procedure Tournament Coordinators
Lauren Crosby, Jenna Campbell, Elizabeth Bhappu
Paul A. McLennon Sr. Honors Tournament
McLennon Problem Writer
Caitlin Macker
McLennon Tournament Coordinators
Dillon Jones, Campbell Roseman, Liz Harland
National Teams
Fall Coaches
Alina Litoshyk & Liz Harland
Spring Coaches
Christina Prejean & Dillon Jones
Emory Civil Rights & Liberties Competition
Elizabeth Bhappu & Cody Wisniewski
Rijon Charne & Keith Van Wagner
Burton D. Wechsler First Amendment
Jenna Campbell & Liz Harland
Dillon Jones & Campbell Roseman
Chicago Bar Association
Caitlin Macker & Tej Singh
Christina Prejean & Alina Litoshyk
Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition
Alina & Litoshyk &Campbell Roseman
(2L) & (2L)
Hailey Williams & Cody Wisniewski
(2L) & (2L)
ABA National Appellate Advocacy
Keenan O’Connor & Lauren Crosby
(2L) & Jenna Campbell
Capital Child Welfare and Adoption
Keith Van Wagner & Rijon Charne
(2L) &(2L)
Federal Bar Association
Tej Singh & Mellania Safarian
In Archive
*Associate Board Member